Best Photos of the Johnnies

Muir’s Pilgrimage to Trees (1911)

A Pilgrimage to Concord

Owl Photographs. . .quite stunning


In Our National Parks, Muir refers to cassiope and bryanthus. . .





Burroughs, in Locusts and Wild Honey, refers to a female oriole. . .

Oriole (female)

Oriole (female)

Natural Origins of Our World Religious Traditions

 Camping with President Roosevelt (1903)

Teddy and John, Yellowstone 1903

Teddy and John B, Yellowstone

Teddy and John, Yosemite 1903

Teddy and John M, Yosemite 

Muir Images:

Holt-Atherton Collection (University of the Pacific)

John Muir National Historic Site (Martinez.  National Park Service)

Burroughs Images:

Library of Congress

Vassar (Special Collections)


Photos from our African Classmate, Thomas (Ethiopia)

From Crumbling Castles to Cathedrals and Temples (Muir’s Climb)

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In 1882, Burroughs traveled through Scotland and England.  Among many sites in Carlyle and Wordsworth country, he stopped to see the Canterbury Cathedral.  Fresh Fields was published in 1884 and included his wry description of the ancient seat of St. Augustine.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Impressive windows. . .but how could this compare with Burroughs’ homeland?

Slide Mountain

Slide Mountain

Catskill Cathedrals

Catskill Cathedrals

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