Each Video/Slideshow is designed with Keynote by the Instructor and posted on Vimeo for class presentation

-Wise and Wild Women Who Walked Beside Muir and Burroughs

-The Literary Muir:  John Muir’s Wild Pen

-Emerson:  Preparing the Way

-John Burroughs: An Introduction

-Burroughs & Muir:  Roots, Trails and Streams

-The Book of Nature:  As Read by Muir and Burroughs

-Thoreau:  Sauntering with Henry

-Anthropomorphism Unmasked

-Sanctuaries:  In Nature’s Chapel

-Eye of the Woods 

-The Gospel According to John Muir

2 thoughts on “Video

  1. Chris, where will I find the rest of the quote “Beauty is God.” that you presented on video/slide show in class today?

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